Our decontamination unit covers a wide variety of healthcare equipment including beds, mattresses, mops and more. 

Established 4 years ago, our decontamination and laundry facility is a key offering of the Premiere Healthcare portfolio. Not only can we save you time and money but we can also take away the pressure and responsibility if you choose Premiere Healthcare for your decontamination needs. 

We are stringent in ensuring our decontamination services meet the strict infection control guidelines that are in place, protecting your service users and reducing risk. 

The OTEX standard

We have invested in the OTEX laundry system which allows us to launder goods at lower temperatures and make use of ozone for our disinfection process.

This directly benefits our customers through improved product life as it eliminates the need to wash at elevated temperatures which is known to damage fibres and has improved levels of infection prevention. You will have the confidence of a validation process at the end of each cycle to confirm that each load has been processed using OTEX. It will also produce a softer feel to each garment as the fibres are lifted during cleaning. 

You are welcome to visit our decontamination area and view the process for yourself.

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