• 2 Bar Bumpers on Bed Frame, White Blue and Brown.

2 Bar Bumpers

These full length bumpers are suitable for use with wooden bedrails. They provide a high level of care and safety for patients in a care home or nursing home setting.

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Helping to reduce the risk of entrapment and injury from bed rails, this set of 2 Bar Bumpers For Wooden Rails With Nets fits neatly around each rail and are joined by a strong, see-through net. This helps to make the inside of the bed feel more open and also saves space when the bumpers are being stored.


These bar bumpers are for use on wooden railings on profiling beds, there is a net between each bumper to save space and prevent entrapment. Padded bar bumpers are much more comfortable than bare wood and it is suitable for use even when any railings are lowered. The cream and net bumpers are neutral and therefore will match most interior decors.

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Key features

  • The popular 2 bar bumper is a snug fitting zip on bumper with net inserts.
  • Designed to fit over wooden side rails.
  • Netting in between the rails to improve visibility and reduce entrapment issues.
  • Bumper stays in place when rails are lowered
  • Easy to fit and use
  • When side rails are lowered no part of the padding will come in contact with the floor

Who is this product for?

  • Bed-bound patients
  • Bariatric patients
  • Elderly patients

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  • All chairs available to rent or buy
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