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Chairs for the Elderly

Advanced age can bring unique challenges, but the right specialist seating makes life so much easier for elderly loved ones. Ready to work with families, individuals or care homes, Premiere Healthcare offers the most comfortable and flexible specialist seating for a wide range of age-related conditions and budgets. Trust our friendly team to help you find the ideal chair for your elderly relative, and walk you through our flexible payment options, including a free trial, rental and purchase.

  • CareFlex MultiAdjust

    The new MultiAdjust is a cost-effective, tool-free, highly adjustable seating system that provides postural support and pressure care without compromising the users’ comfort. The chair benefits from Tilt-in-Space, Back Angle Recline, and…
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  • CareFlex HydroTilt Chair

    CareFlex HydroTilt

    The CareFlex HydroTilt is an ideal specialist seating option for a broad range of users, including the frail and elderly, people recovering from a stroke, adults and children with learning difficulties.
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  • Careflex Hydrotilt XL Chair

    CareFlex HydroTilt XL Bariatric

    The CareFlex HydroTilt XL includes all of the trusted features of the HydroTilt and is an ideal specialist seating option for Bariatric users. The CareFlex HydroTilt XL is simple to use and…
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  • CareFlex HydroFlex Chair

    CareFlex HydroFlex

    The Careflex Hydroflex Chair is a highly adaptive rehabilitation chair for users requiring high level postural and pressure management. Available in Small and Large Models the Careflex Hydroflex Chair is capable of…
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  • CareFlex HydroCare Chair Angle

    CareFlex HydroCare

    The Careflex HydroCare Chair is a simple, supportive pressure management chair for older people and those in dementia care. The Careflex HydroCare Chair is versatile with adjustable settings and features that provide…
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  • CareFlex SmartSeat Chair

    CareFlex SmartSeat

    The CareFlex Smartseat is a revolutionary chair which is highly adaptable for multiple users.
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  • CareFlex SmartSeatPro Chair

    CareFlex SmartSeat Pro

    The CareFlex SmartSeat Pro chair is one of our most easily adaptable modular seating systems which is suitable for a wide range of users.
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  • Kirton Duo Major Chair

    Kirton Duo Major and Minor

    The Kirton Duo Chair is the perfect chair for those users requiring the highest level of postural support and specialised seating.
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  • Kirton Omega

    The Kirton Omega Chair is both comfortable and secure which is able to withstand demanding and severe movements. The Kirton Omega chair provides a safe and relaxed seated position for users.
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  • Kirton Florien II Chair

    Kirton Florien II

    The Kirton Florien II Chair is a dynamic, supportive and comfortable chair, suitable for a wide range of users. The Kirton Florien II Chair has removable arms enabling easy hoist access from…
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  • Kirton Encora Chair

    Kirton Encora

    The Kirton Encora chair is a comfortable seating solution for a wide range of users, with its tilt in space function and independent back recline facility. The Kirton Encora chair has the…
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  • Kirton GE-II Chair

    Kirton G-2

    The Kirton G-2 Chair is a simple yet sophisticated, dynamic tilt in space (TIS) chair.
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  • Apollo Air Chair DX-FR facing left with a white background

    Apollo Air Chair

    The Apollo Air Chair DX-FR unique design promotes skin immersion and envelopment. Pressure on the skin’s surface is re-distributed, reducing the risk of pressure injury associated with prolonged sitting or lying.
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  • Chiltern Invadex Washington Cradle Front

    Chiltern Invadex Washington Cradle

    The Chiltern Invadex Washington Cradle provides a safe, comfortable bathing solution. The Chiltern Invadex Washington Cradle is designed to enable a client to be showered in a reclined position with hips and…
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  • Primacare Affinity Air Comfort Rise and Recline Chair

    Primacare Affinity Air Comfort Rise and Recline Chair

    The Primacare Affinity Air Comfort Rise and Recline Chair has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. The Primacare Affinity Air Comfort Rise and Recline Chair has seat and back cushions which…
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