• Cressy Spacer Sling, With Child Sat in Facing Right. 

Cressy Spacer Sling

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Key features

  • Counterpoise straps at the shoulders of the sling are designed to be simple to use and are of particular benefit to users who are prone to spasm in a sling.
  • Colour coding on the leg straps ensures that accurate fitting records can be kept in the care plan.
  • Available with or without grab handles.
  • Comes with an integral neck roll as standard.
  • Optional additional soft neck roll available for users who require additional head support.
  • Can also be supplied with a chest/waist strap.
  • Available in 9 sizes, suitable for all transfers including toileting, bathing and lifting from a supine position.
  • Safe working limit: 200kg.

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  • All chairs available to rent or buy
  • Delivery and setup service
  • Friendly support team

Rental Equipment

Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to the specialist seating or equipment you need. We offer short-term rental for palliative care or discharge situations or longer rental for on-going healthcare needs.

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“On the recommendation of the professionals who care for my mother, we recently contacted Premiere Healthcare regarding buying a more supportive chair”

“Could you please pass on some good feedback to Premiere Healthcare regarding the assessment visit”

Mr Armstrong-Sly – West Midlands OT
“I wish to say a very big thank you to you for your help and assistance in this matter”

Manager, Athelstan House (Assisted Living Facility)
“We can’t thank Dan enough for leaving the chair and sling with us at the time of assessment, as Annie has been up and out of bed every day since”

Mr Dodd, Home Manager