CURA Legacy Kinder Chair

CURA’s most popular paediatric care chair – The Kinder Legacy – was designed to be most cost effective and adaptive paediatric care chair on the market today. It’s incredible comfort and ease of use makes it the perfect addition to the home, for young users of specialist seating.

The Legacy Kinder offers tilt-in-space options, including leg rest elevation and manual reclining. The seat offers both electric and manual functionality to help users relax and carers offer support without any strain. The adjustable seat depth, width and height help with adapting to the changing needs of any individual. Relief padding can also be added and removed offering the user a truly customised experience. Locking castor wheels make this tilt in space chair ease to manoeuvre and navigate around the home when necessary.

The Kinder Legacy can also be customised and fitted with a removable pommel and iPad mounts.


  • Purchase from £2513 (+VAT)
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Key features

  • Removable pressure relief padding
  • Manual or electric tilting options
  • Adjustable seat width and depth
  • Leg rest elevation
  • Locking castor wheels
  • Removable pommel and iPad mount options

Who is this product for?

  • Users with Paediatric conditions
  • Users with Cerebral Palsy
  • Users with Scoliosis
  • Users with Complex Needs
  • Users who are paraplegics or have amputations
  • Any body suffering from a neurological or debilitating condition

Why choose us?

  • All chairs available to rent or buy
  • Delivery and setup service
  • Friendly support team

Rental Equipment

Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to the specialist seating or equipment you need. We offer short-term rental for palliative care or discharge situations or longer rental for on-going healthcare needs.

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