Apex Medical Procare Bariatric

    The Apex Medical Pro-care Bariatric is an advanced multi-functional high to very high risk full replacement dynamic air mattress system. The Apex Medical Pro-care Bariatric provides a highly effective solution to the prevention and management of pressure ulcers for bariatric patients.

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    Key features

    • Static Mode: Equalises the pressure across the entire mattress to two thirds of its capacity.
    • Alternating Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to mimic natural sleep movement patterns.
    • Heel Section: One or more of the bottom five cells can be deflated under the patient’s heel to create a void, which will enable the heel to “float” so that there is no pressure in contact with the heel area.
    • Seat Inflation Mode: Increases the pressure equally across the entire mattress to deliver optimum support on sacrum area when in the Fowler position (sitting up), reducing the risk of “bottoming out”.
    • Max Firm Mode: Increases the pressure of the mattress to its full capacity, to provide a stable and firmer surface during repositioning, patient transfer and nursing procedures.
    • Step Down Feature: An adjustable cycle time allows clinicians to customise the therapy delivered to the patient.
    • Panel Lock: Decreases the risk of people tampering with the pump’s settings.
    • Antimicrobial Filter: Supplies an additional layer of protection, with antimicrobial agents killing harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of cross contamination between patients.
    • Cable Management: Channels the power lead down the side of the mattress bringing an end to trailing cables, decreasing the risk of damage and tripping.
    • Multiple Alarms: Provides a visual and audible warning when the system loses air pressure, experiences power failure or requires a repair.
    • 2 Way Stretch Vapour Permeable Cover: Reduces patient shear and friction, in addition to providing an easy to clean and waterproof layer of protection.
    • Available in two width sizes: 200 x 107cm (3’6), 200 x 122cm (4’).
    • Safe working load: 450kg (70st).

    Who is this product for?

    • Bariatric
    • Adults with skin integrity issues (pressure sores or pressure areas)
    • Adults with limited mobility

    Why choose us?

    • All chairs available to rent or buy
    • Delivery and setup service
    • Friendly support team

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