• Silvalea In-Situ Deluxe Sling. User Sat Facing Left.

In-situ Deluxe Sling

Slivalea’s In-situ Deluxe Leg sling has been specifically designed to provide full body support on transfer and offer good hip, thigh and full femur support. This sling comes with an integral head support with removable support bones. This sling comes with Silva safety slots to help manage  for greater comfort In-situ.

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The Deluxe Leg sling can also be ordered with additional waist or chest support. Optional hip tapes can be added to provide additional support to the hip area and can help to reduce pressure from behind the knee. This is a divided leg sling, easy to apply, with low-friction fabric to leg areas.

Soft binding as standard across our In-situ range for greater user comfort. Once the patient has been transferred this sling can be left In-situ, subject to an appropriate risk assessment.

Available in three material types:

Silva-Superfine® PLUS High performance fabric offering superior comfort. SUITABLE FOR BATHING. (option 1)

Sliva-Superfine® with COOLMAX® fabric. COOLMAX® fabric is designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus keeping users feeling cool and dry. SUITABLE FOR BATHING. (option 2)

Silva-Superfine® MAXI fabric. MAXI fabric is a lightweight, cool, breathable soft mesh. Fabricated with a higher tensile weight limit of 220kilos. SUITABLE FOR BATHING. (option 3)

Wash at 71°

Tumble dry low heat.

COOLMAX® is a registered trademark of INVISTA

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Key features

Lift Type

  • Active
  • Passive

Support Type

  • Femur
  • Head
  • Hip
  • Lower back
  • Thigh
  • Torso
  • Optional: Chest support
  • Optional: Hip tapes
  • Optional: Waist support

Attachment Type

  • Loop fixing spreader bar


  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX Double layer MED – XXL
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX Single layer XXS – MED
  • Silva-Superfine PLUS = XS – XXL
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = XXXS – MED

Weight Limit

  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs (double layer MED – XXL)
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = 64kgs/10stone/140lbs (single layer XXS – MED)
  • Silva-Superfine PLUS = 220kgs/35stone/485lbs
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX = 64kgs/10stone/140lbs

Available Material

  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX Double Layer
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX Single Layer
  • Silva-Superfine PLUS
  • Silva-Superfine with COOLMAX

Who is this product for?

  • Active alert and able to participate
  • Asymmetrical body shapes
  • Chronic pain
  • Good head control
  • Good head trunk and hip control
  • Limited head control
  • Limited head trunk and hip control
  • Limited mobility
  • Severely disabled
  • Suitable for those with poor skin integrity
  • Uncontrolled involuntary movement

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