WendyLett 2Way Sheet

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Key features


  • The WendyLett family consists of three different WendyLett sheets: the WendyLett is a satin sliding sheet and a base sheet to be combined with WendyLett 2Way, a drawsheet for sliding sideways or a WendyLett 4Way, a sliding drawsheet for mulit-directional sliding (see WendyLett 4 Way Sheet).
  • Prevents pressure sores.
  • A comfortable and luxurious material, providing extra comfort for the service user.
  • Ideal aid for transferring and repositioning patients.
  • Easier for the carer.


2Way Sheet products available

  • WendyLett base sheet (PHBEDACCHC013)
  • WendyLett base sheet with drawstring fastening (PHBEDACCHC012)
  • WendyLett 2Way top sheet (PHBEDACCHC010)
  • WendyLett 2Way base sheet with drawstring and 2Way top sheet pack (PHBEDACCHC007)
  • WendyLean Pillow (PHBEDACCHC009)

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  • All chairs available to rent or buy
  • Delivery and setup service
  • Friendly support team

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“I just wanted to say thank you for squeezing a fourth client on the day for a seating assessment at such short notice, I really appreciated it”

Occupational Therapist, St Matthews Healthcare
“I really value your input in these stressful times”

Occupational Therapist from South Wales
“I just wanted to pass on some lovely feedback I received from the Careflex Hydrotilt that we issued that young man”

Children’s Occupational Therapist, Birmingham
“I wish to say a very big thank you to you for your help and assistance in this matter”

Manager, Athelstan House (Assisted Living Facility)